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Frost Protection

Ice insulated flower

A layer of ice insulates the delicate strawberry bloom.

Strawberry Plasticulture Advisory on Cold Protection  (PDF)
Dr. Barclay Poling, strawberry specialist with N.C. State University, created this advisory handout to provide a comprehensive overview of frost protection terms, definitions and best practices for strawberries.

Using a Digital Thermometer to Guide Your Decisions in Frost and Freeze Events (Video)
Whether you rely on overhead sprinkler irrigation or floating row covers to protect your strawberries, you will find one instrument as indispensable as a good weather forecast — a hand-held digital thermometer.

Cold Injury To Strawberry Crowns (Video)
Freezing injury in strawberry is easily seen by cutting the crowns length-wise. In this video we demonstrate this technique to help you assess whether the strawberry plant crown has been injured by cold weather in late fall and/or winter.

Frost Protection for High Tunnel Strawberries (Video)
Dr. Barclay Poling, strawberry specialist with N.C. State University, gives an update on the winter strawberry crops at the Piedmont Research Station in Salisbury. Learn more about how strawberries are being grown in high tunnels as part of a research effort to extend the growing season in North Carolina and develop better frost-protection methods, including row covers and irrigation inside the high tunnels.

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