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NC State Extension

Views From the Field

In this video series we interviewed three North Carolina strawberry growers on their experiences with and reasons for using different soil management practices like, summer cover crops, compost and rotation that help maintain soil health. Check out what practices other growers in the state are having success with!

J.R. Odom

Strawberry grower in Goldsboro, NC. Has been growing strawberries since 2010. Rotates where he plants his strawberries every year. He has just begun trying out the application of compost, and planting a summer cover crop. He plans to expand the use of these practices across other areas of his farm to improve soil health.

Russ Vollmer

Strawberry grower in Bunn, NC. Family farm has been growing organic strawberries for nearly two decades. Russ has a two year rotation with vegetables and cover crops, and uses yearly applications of compost. These practices have helped to break disease cycles in their organic production system, and to contribute to soil fertility.

Karma Lee

Strawberry grower in Apex, NC. Since starting their farm in 1997, every year she has planted a summer cover crop to help prevent erosion on their hillside farm and to build soil fertility after previous intensive use of the land for tobacco production.