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Agricultural Prices Summary

The annual summary of indexes of prices received and paid by farmers; prices received for farm commodities by states; and prices paid for production items by region and the U.S. for the past year and earlier years.

Agricultural Refrigerated Truck Quarterly

The Agricultural Refrigerated Truck Quarterly Report (AgRTQ) provides a view of U.S. regional refrigerated truckload movements, in terms of volume and rates, to gauge the vital component of truck transportation applied to fresh fruit and vegetable markets. The AgRTQ also features a rotating regional focus and a review of relevant issues that impact fresh fruit and vegetable truck transportation.

Cold Storage Annual Summary

The annual regional and national totals for end-of-month holdings of meat, dairy products, poultry products, fruits, nuts and vegetables in public, private and semi-private refrigerated warehouses.

Fruit and Vegetable Market News Portal

Contains both current and historical price and movement information for strawberries. The Portal offers customized views and downloads of data from the present back to 1998 for terminal and shipping point prices, movement reports and specialty crop information.

This Web site is part of a USDA-sponsored project that is testing and promoting high tunnel systems, specifically in the Central Great Plains. Researchers, Extension specialists, professors, growers, technicians and students collaborate to share experiences and knowledge about high tunnels to build this web resource where you can find information on all aspects of high tunnel construction and use.

Noncitrus Fruits and Nuts

Information on preliminary and annual summaries of acreage, yield, production, use, price and value by states of the noncitrus fruit and nut crop by state.

North Carolina Strawberry Association

The North Carolina Strawberry Association (NCSA) is a nonprofit association working to promote strawberry production and marketing. The association funds research, sponsors an annual conference, publishes a monthly newsletter and gives the strawberry industry a voice when faced with public policy initiatives that may negatively impact the industry.

The association works closely with the N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services to develop promotional materials and facilitate the Farm-to-School Lunch Program for strawberry growers.

Perishable Pundit

Articles from Jim Prevor assessing the state of the perishable food industries and analyzing the prospects for the retail and food service venues in which perishable foods are bought and sold.

Southern Region Small Fruit Consortium

Made up of six universities, including N.C. State University, the Consortium coordinates collaborative efforts across the region between small fruit growers and grower organizations, industries and service organizations allied with or serving small fruit growers, Cooperative Extension programs and research stations to enhance the development of the small fruit industries in the region.

The Packer

A weekly newspaper covering produce shipping, distribution, marketing and trends in fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables, in North America.

The Packer: Produce Market Scope

This information, provided by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Agricultural Marketing Service, shows week-by-week shipments and f.o.b.s (freight-on-board shipments) for commodities from major domestic shipping points and ports of entry.

The Produce News

A business magazine for the produce industry that provides insights on the latest produce-related stories, including market reports, weather updates and industry events.

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