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Strawberry Growers Information Publications and Factsheets

2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual MAIN DOCUMENT2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
14. Small FruitsNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/14/2018
Insect Control2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Leaf Scorch of Strawberry07/24/2014
Chemical Weed Control2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Proper Postharvest Cooling and Handling Methods12/01/1989
Design of Room Cooling Facilities: Structural & Energy Requirements06/01/1991
Botrytis Fruit Rot / Gray Mold on Strawberry04/08/2014
Anthracnose Fruit Rot of Strawberry07/10/2014
Black Root Rot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Tarnished Plant Bug in Strawberries05/13/2014
How to Create a Container Garden for Edibles in the North Carolina Piedmont04/04/2019
Getting Data from the National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) Using R05/27/2021
Sustainable Practices for Plasticulture Strawberry Production in the South06/09/2020
Appendix C. Diagnostic TablesNorth Carolina Extension Gardener Handbook02/14/2018
Phytophthora Crown Rot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Powdery Mildew of Strawberry07/24/2014
Insect and Disease Control of Fruits2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Strawberry Magnesium (Mg) Deficiency04/24/2014
Strawberry Boron (B) Deficiency04/10/2014
Strawberry Calcium (Ca) Deficiency04/24/2014
Fertilizer Use2021 North Carolina Agricultural Chemicals Manual01/13/2021
Anthracnose Crown Rot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Phomopsis Leaf Blight of Strawberry07/24/2014
Slugs in Strawberries05/13/2014
Alternaria Black Spot of Strawberry07/29/2014
Postharvest Cooling and Handling of Strawberries07/01/1989
Container Garden Planting Calendar for Edibles in the Piedmont01/01/2011
Strawberry Iron (Fe) Deficiency04/07/2014
Flower Thrips in Strawberries05/15/2014
Common Leafspot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Leather Rot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Weed Control Options for Strawberries on Plastic01/01/2006
Strawberry Nitrogen (N) Deficiency04/23/2014
Strawberry Potassium (K) Deficiency04/23/2014
Strawberry Zinc (Zn) Deficiency04/24/2014
Whiteflies in Strawberries03/19/2014
Cool and Ship: A Low-Cost, Portable Forced-Air Cooling Unit06/01/1995
Cyclamen Mites in Strawberries05/15/2014
Aphids in Strawberries05/15/2014
Gray Mold / Crown Rot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Interpreting Freeze / Frost Probabilities from the National Centers for Environmental Information02/28/2020
Spotted Wing Drosophila in Strawberries06/25/2014
Strawberry Boron (B) Toxicity04/10/2014
Sap Beetles in Strawberries05/13/2014
Strawberry Viruses07/24/2014
Cutworms in Strawberries05/15/2014
Herbicide Injury - Glyphosate (Roundup)06/26/2014
Phytoplasma of Strawberry07/24/2014
Strawberry Manganese (Mn) Deficiency04/24/2014
Synthetic Auxins07/13/2015
Angular Leafspot of Strawberry07/24/2014
Gnomonia Leaf Blotch and Stem-End Rot of Strawberry05/14/2014
Fire Ants in Strawberries03/19/2014
Sugarcane Beetle in Strawberries03/19/2014
Guide to Deciding When to Start and Stop Irrigation for Frost Protection of Fruit Crops02/28/1998
Herbicide Injury - Flumioxazin (Chateau)06/26/2014
Herbicide Injury - Terbacil (Sinbar)06/27/2014
Southern Stem Blight of Strawberry07/24/2014
Strawberry Sodium (Na) Toxicity04/23/2014
Strawberry Sulfur (S) Deficiency04/24/2014
Spittlebug in Strawberries05/13/2014
Carmine Mites in Stawberries06/23/2014
Crickets in Strawberries03/19/2014
Leafrollers in Strawberries06/23/2014
Herbicide Injury - Gramoxone (Paraquat)06/26/2014
Strawberry Phosphorus (P) Deficiency04/23/2014
Strawberry Copper (Cu) Deficiency04/24/2014
Strawberry Molybdenum (Mo) Deficiency04/24/2014
Natural Oils and Acids09/10/2015
Winter Injury03/13/2014
Strawberry Clipper Weevils in Strawberry06/25/2014
Drought Injury07/01/2014
Strawberry Crown Borer in Strawberries07/09/2014
Poor Pollination03/25/2014
Fumigant Injury03/25/2014
Lightning Injury07/01/2014
Garden Symphylan in Strawberries07/09/2014
Other Drosophila Species in Strawberries07/09/2014
Wind Damage03/13/2014
Corn Earworm in Strawberries06/23/2014
Strawberry Rootworm in Strawberry06/25/2014
Herbicide Injury - Oxyfluorfen (Goal)06/26/2014
Herbicide Injury - Clopyralid (Stinger)06/25/2014
Herbicide Injury - Dicambia (broadleaf weed killer)07/01/2014
Hail Damage03/25/2014
Frost Damage03/25/2014
European Corn Borer in Strawberries07/09/2014
Producing and Marketing Strawberries for Direct Market Operations01/01/2004
Water Damage06/27/2014

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