Strawberry Breeding Trials Yield Data 2021

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Each year the NC State University Strawberry Breeding program evaluates cultivars from other breeding programs along with advanced selections from our program. Below is a link to a spreadsheet with all the data we have collected since 2015 and tables of the data from those years.

We conduct replicated trials, meaning we have 3 plots of  20 plants each of the genotypes (cultivars or advanced breeding lines). This replication ensures that our data is robust. Meaning, that even though we try to make the fields as even as possible, there are always low spots or areas that seem to have gotten a bit more cold damage, so by having more than one replication, we can be sure that our data is good and represents the performance of that genotype.

Depending on the year we evaluate cultivars on two to three locations are the Central Crops Research Station (CCRS) in Clayton, NC (#4 on the map below), the Piedmont Research Station in Salisbury, NC (#10 on the map), and the Horticultural Crops Research Station (HCRS) in Castle Hayne, NC (#3 on the map). In general, we plant mid to late September at PRS, about the first week of October at the CCRS, and mid to late October at the HCRS.

Here is a link to that data:

Replicated Cultivar and Selection Breeding Trials