COVID-19 Famers Update 3/21/2021

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COVID-19 Famers Update 3/21/2021

First Glance: American Rescue Plan Act 2021: What’s in it for Agriculture?

  • $10.4 billion in agricultural provisions
  • Debt forgiveness for socially disadvantaged farmers
  • Development plan for Rural Health Care
  • Food for peace Program

Text Body of the Rescue Plant Act

Farm Bureau Article about the new American Rescue Plan Act

Give input to the USDA

#TakeActionTuesday: Tell USDA What Local Food Systems Need for COVID-19 Response: $1.5 billion for local food supply chains to help with COVID-19! Are you a farmer, farmworker, or farmers market manager? Do you run a food pantry, food hub, or processing facility? USDA needs to hear from you.

Food Safety:

How an On-Farm Readiness Review Can Help Your Farm: The world of food safety can seem like a maze of rules and regulations. If none of your buyers have demanded that you get GAP (“Good Agricultural Practices”) certified, then maybe you haven’t yet tried to untangle that maze.


Apply Now for CFSA Diversified Vegetable Farm Financial Benchmarking Study

Food Security:

Farm-to-Church Project Debuts Wake County CSA: Rural Advancement Foundation International – USA’s (RAFI-USA) Come to the Table program (CTTT) is pleased to announce a new community partnership. 

Daily COVID-19 Update as of 3/21/2021:

North Carolina (Mar 20, 11:45 a.m. EST): 895,263 confirmed positive/ 11,820 deaths

USA: (8:26 p.m. EST): 29,818,158 positive/ 542,356 deaths

World (8:26 p.m. EST): 123,135,420 positive/ 2,714,604 deaths 

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