COVID-19 Farming Update 9/25/2020

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COVID-19 Farming Update 9/25/2020



Southeastern Regional Fruit and Vegetable Conference 2021 Will Be Virtual

Fiscal Assistance

Phone Apps

  • Visit NC Farms App: N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services created an app that connects millions of North Carolina residents and visitors to farmers and local food.

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COVID-19 Cases and Deaths as of 9/25/2020

  • North Carolina (11:20 a.m. EST): 198,189 positive/ 4,074 deaths
  • USA: (11:23 a.m. EST): 6,987,129 positive/ 203,047 deaths
  • World (11:23 a.m. EST): 32,308,999 positive/ 984,278 deaths

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