NEW: Gray Mold and Anthracnose Resistance Management Services Have Changed!

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Gray Mold Resistance: New Testing Services are now fee-based and at the University of Georgia.

Dear strawberry community,

This season is very early and we expect the first spring strawberries to be picked in NC in about 2-3 weeks. Due to the extensive rain earlier this year and prolonged times of row cover use, especially gray mold (Botrytis cinerea) crown rot can be a larger problem in many fields (Figure 1).

Image of gray mold

Figure 1: Cross-section through the crown of a large dense plant heavily colonized by Botrytis in the early spring. Note amount of necrotic tissue. This tissue easily breaks away and has a damp soft feel. Also, note very little damage deep in the crown. Picture and text by Frank J. Louws.

Gray mold populations in the Southeast often show resistance for a range of fungicides, which means that you will have to get your populations tested!

Until last year, Clemson University has provided those tests for free. That has changed! Clemson University will not be longer providing those testing services.

Testing Services have changed:

A NEW testing facility has been set up at UGA: UGA Fungicide Resistance Testing These services are not free anymore and a pay service. Fees are $250/sample (one sample contains 10 isolates/specimens/sub-samples).

Please see this link to learn more: UGA Fungicide Resistance Testing

We highly encourage you to get your samples tested so that you can make informed decisions on fungicide choice.

To identify disease problems, please use the NC State University Strawberry Diagnostic Tool.