COVID-19 Daily Updates 3/25/2020

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COVID-19 Daily Updates 3/25/2020

Dear farming and agri-tourism community,

Every Wednesday, my team and I update the COVID-19 Farming Resource Homepage. This is the main information page for the farming community in the state. You will find access to this homepage through following portals:

NC State Extension Covid-19 Response Portal

NC State Extension Horticulture Portal

NC State Viticulture Portal

NC State Strawberry Portal

We are listing COVID-19 related resources and information in following categories:

‘Community Support’; ‘Food Safety’; ‘Labor’; ‘Supply Chains’; ‘Financial Aid’; ‘Alternative Sales’; ‘Automation/Mechanization’.

We have added three NEW categories:

  • Updates on opening hours and restriction in farmers markets in NC
  • Updates on opening hours and restrictions on N.C. Cooperative Extension County Centers
  • Viticulture and Agri-tourism resources.

Daily NC and Global COVID-19 Update:

As of 3/25/2020, 11:20 a.m.: a total of 10,489  people in NC were tested for the virus. 504 people in NC were tested positive, and 1 person has died due to COVID-19 related complications.

NCDHHS Coronavirus Information Page

As of 3/25/2020, 7:37 p.m.: 467,594 people worldwide are known to be infected with the virus. 21,181 people worldwide have died due to COVID-19.

World-Wide Covid-19 GIS Tracker