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Dear Farming Community,

In the following, we have compiled some information for those of you who experienced damages to their farm due to Hurricane Florence. Our aim is it to assist affected counties and growers as good as possible in the coming weeks and months with information and direct assistance on:

  1. The assessment of damage
  2. Restoration of farmland and crops
  3. Pest and pathogen concerns

The most important step is to assess damage for insurance purposes. For this reason, we have compiled the first set of important information for you:

A. It’s not over

Although Hurricane Florence has turned into a regular storm over the last 24 hours, the dangers are far from over. It is important to understand that flooding can occur even after the storm. Please don’t leave the house if there is flooding or thunderstorms predicted. Please put the safety of yourself and your loved-ones first! For more information on flood damage, home restoration and how to stay safe, please visit NC State Extension’s North Carolina Disaster Information Center.

B. On the Farm:

Again, the safety of you and your workers comes first. If you decide it is safe enough to assess damage on your farm, please take the following precautions:

  1. Have at least one other person with you or let a trusted person know where you are and when they can expect you to be back.
  2. Have your cell phone charged and always with you!
  3. Have an emergency medical kit, rubber boots and a respirator with dust filters with you.

Assessing Damage:

On the farm, documentation is the very first step.

FIRST take pictures and document the damage

THEN clean up.

The documentation is crucial for insurance purposes and all other following steps.

C. NCDA&CS Hotline:

N.C. Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services has installed a phone hotline and provides frequent updates on their homepage. If you have questions about procedures, please call the hotline (866-645-9403) and visit the NCDA&CS Disaster planning for farms and agribusinesses.

The NCDA&CS has activated its hotline to connect farmers with resources that can assist with agricultural emergencies.

The toll-free number is 1-866-645-9403

A live operator will be available on the hotline between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Please call this number if you need assistance on your farm.

D. Important Information on Farm Disaster Help:

We will continue to update information over the next weeks,

Stay safe and I hope that helps,