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COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/31/2020

COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/31/2020 Important: NCDA&CS Produce Availability for farmers affected by COVID-19 Tomorrow (Apr.1): Agent Training at 8:30 a.m.! CARES …

COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/30/2019

COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/30/2019 Important: Farm Bureau explains the CARES act Facebook offers $100 Million in small business grants as COVID-19 …

COVID 19 Daily Farmers Update 3/26/2020

NC State Extension Covid-19 Resources NC State Horticulture COVID-19 Farming Resources NC State Extension COVID-19 Portal NC State Covid-19 Food Safety Resources NCDA …

COVID-19 Daily Updates 3/25/2020

COVID-19 Daily Updates 3/25/2020 Dear farming and agri-tourism community, Every Wednesday, my team and I update the COVID-19 Farming Resource Homepage. This …

COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/24/2020

COVID-19 Daily Farmers Update 3/24/2020 Dear strawberry and farming community, The Covid-19 pandemic currently has shifted the way people conduct business. …

Farmer out standing in his soybean field during sunset

COVID-19: Farming Resources

Page Content (Last update 11/25/2020) Introduction General COVID-19 Knowledge How Can I Help My Community? Food Safety Staff Management and Labor Supply Chain Financial Help Alternative Sales Statewide N.C. …

COVID-19 Farmers Update 3/22/2020

COVID-19 Farmers Update 3/22/2020 Dear strawberry and farming community, With harvest season coming up soon and a world which is rapidly …

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Basic hive equipment.

How to Become a Beekeeper in North Carolina

Beekeeping is a very enjoyable and rewarding pastime that is relatively inexpensive to get started. …

5 days ago
White grub

White Grubs in Turf

This factsheet summarizes the characteristics of white grubs and addresses how to control them as …

6 days agoTurfFiles

Producing and Marketing Strawberries for Direct Market Operations

This booklet provides an overview of production costs and marketing strategies that growers should consider …

1 week ago

2021 Integrated Orchard Management Guide for Commercial Apples in the Southeast

Orchard management guide for apples, with information on insect, disease, weed, and mammal control, plus …

1 week ago

Preemergence Herbicides for Herbaceous Ornamentals

This table presents information on preemergence herbicides for herbaceous ornamentals.

2 weeks ago

Controlling Bamboo in Landscape Plantings

There are many species of bamboo sold in the nursery trade, some more invasive than …

2 weeks ago
Club-roots on a grass treated with prodiamine

Root Inhibitors

This factsheet describes the symptoms of root-inhibiting herbicide injuries.

Segment (sethoxydim)

This pesticide factsheet covers the use and characteristics of Segment (sethoxydim).