Record Cold Temperatures in Early January 2018 (12:45 pm, 1/5/18)

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Good afternoon!

I did not realize until this morning that Raleigh, NC, set a new record low on January 3 (Wed) of 9 F. Here in Virginia, we saw a new record low for Richmond on January 2 (Tue) of 10 F. Tonight, we are likely going to see a low of 9 F in Raleigh and only 3 F in Richmond (according to AWIS)

Table 1. First week of January record lows for Raleigh and Richmond
Raleigh Raleigh Record Richmond Richmond Record
Date Actual low (F) Record Low (F) Year Actual low (F) Record Low (F) Year
1-Jan 13 12 1918 11 6 1918
2-Jan 12 8 1928 10 10 2018
3-Jan 9 9 2018 8 7 1918
4-Jan 18 6 1918 18 -1 1918
5-Jan 12 6 1981 12 6 1981
6-Jan Forecast 9 7 1924 Forecast 3 F 0 1924
7-Jan Forecast 22 9 2014 Forecast 19 F 10 2014

Beside these new record lows in Raleigh and Richmond on January 2nd and 3rd, respectively, the thing that strikes me  most is how sustained these sub-freezing temperatures have been in this first week of the New Year, and right now it would appear that Raleigh and Richmond will be accumulating 48 hours of temperatures at or below 32 F for the period of January 6-7, 2018. “That’s a bunch of cold!”  Perhaps things will warm up enough next week to allow us to check and see if any crown damage has been sustained from this extended cold period? It even got pretty chilly down in Florida this morning where I do some test plot work in the Dover area, and it looks like our test cooperator there will have one more round of frost protection tonight as well!

Just to say again how very excited I am that Dr. Mark Hoffman, NCSU, will be keeping us posted on important strawberry weather developments around our region!

I very much enjoyed his update today! Please be sure to see Mark’s advisory sent out this morning on the Strawberry Growers Information Portal:

“AWIS Weather Update for the Weekend (1/5/18)”