Update on my role and personal support of Strawberry Advisories in 2018 (1/4/18)

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Good afternoon,

Today we are experiencing quite a snowstorm in Williamsburg, VA! We are also anticipating some brutal cold this upcoming weekend with temperatures dropping into single digits both Saturday and Sunday morning. Fortunately, I think most strawberry growers in my local area did take precautions to apply row covers back in December.

I wanted to say in this communication that it has been a privilege for me to serve the strawberry growers in NC and throughout our region with Strawberry Weather and Crop Advisories over these last 7 years, and I am most excited that Dr. Mark Hoffmann, Extension Specialist, Dept. Hort. Sci., NC State, has now assumed the lead role for this advisory service.

I am very pleased to stay on as an advisor to Mark through this upcoming season, and no doubt, I will likely be writing some “guest” advisory pieces during the season on a number of subjects, including one that I am working on presently that deals with assessing strawberry crowns for winter freeze damage.

I want to wish you all a very successful strawberry crop in 2018, and if you need to reach me, my personal email is: strawberrydoc@gmail.com

Hoping to see many of you next week at the Southeast Fruit and Vegetable Conference next week (11-14 Jan).

Barclay Poling

Professor Emeritus, NC State