Low Tunnel Usage? a Chance to See Low Tunnels (And New Varieties) Next Tuesday, April 26 (1:22pm, Mon, 4/18/16)

— Written By Barclay Poling

Sweet Ann under coverFig. 1. Next Tuesday, 4/26/16, growers, agents, agronomists and industry folks are invited out to the Elm City research plots of James Driver, Biological Applied Research, Inc., 5451 Lindsey Rd, Elm City, to see the research at this location with new strawberry varieties,  as well as low tunnels. There was a pretty good frost event on 4/6, and again on 4/10 (Sunday), and cold protection will be one of the program topics.

Here is the program:

Agenda:  Tuesday, April 26

4:30 p.m.           Registration at research farm (Biological Applied Research, Inc.

5451 Lindsey Rd, Elm City, NC 27822)

5:00 p.m.          Introductions and Welcoming Remarks – Dr. Barclay Poling, Professor Emeritus, NCSU

5:15 p.m.          Tour Research Plots of New Lassen Strawberry Varieties

– Lucia, Ruby June, Scarlet and Sweet Ann, as well as University of CA varieties, Albion, Merced, San Andreas and Cabrillo

6:00 p.m.          BBQ DINNER (under tent) – Menu:  pork BBQ, fried chicken, boiled potatoes, slaw, hush puppies, banana pudding, tea and water

7:00 p.m.          Comments about the strawberry season, including Frost/freeze protection and raffle for an Omega Engineering Digital Thermometer (measures blossom temperatures for frost and freeze control)

7:30 p.m.            Adjourn

Program highlights:

  • Lassen Canyon Nursery, Redding, CA, is evaluating the adaptability of their four new varieties under NC growing conditions in several locations, including the research farm of James Driver in Elm City (Biological Applied Research, Inc.).
  • Growers, agents, agronomists and industry members are invited to join the Lassen Canyon Strawberry Breeders, Jim Bagdasarian and Nick Pinkerton for a Strawberry Twilight Tour of their FOUR new strawberry varieties: Lucia, Ruby June, Sweet Ann, and Scarlet, and enjoy a BBQ. In the photo below is Jim Bagdasarian, who has been heading the Lassen Canyon Nursery breeding program since 2000. Jim has been breeding strawberries since 1989! He has developed some very successful varieties for California, including Sweet Ann, which is very popular for organic strawberry growers in California. watsonville-2012-Jims-Stuff-240x300
  • Several other newer varieties from the University of California can also be seen in this trial, including Albion, Merced, San Andreas and the recently released day-neutral, Cabrillo.
  • The Lassen variety Sweet Ann, is also being tested under a low tunnel. The photo below of this variety was taken in Salinas, CA, on April 6th — where it doesn’t ever rain!sweet ann in CAlow tunnel shotWe are using a low tunnel treatment with Sweet Ann in North Carolina  for harvest season rain protection. It is interesting that on April 12th about 1 inch of rain fell at this location in NC, and you could actually see how low tunnel protection benefited Sweet Ann — even with only one inch of rain. Rain resistance is not one of Sweet Ann’s strengths. The low tunnel manufacturer is Dubois Agrinovation.

Please RSVP by Friday APRIL 22 to Cortney Driver (you can call, send text, or email)

Cell and text number: 919-390-8190

Email: bar.cortney.driver@gmail.com