SWD Alert in South Carolina Today! (1:20pm, Fri, 3/25/16)

— Written By Barclay Poling

This is just in from Clemson Cooperative Extension

From: Zach Snipes <zbsnipe@clemson.edu>
Date: Friday, March 25, 2016 at 11:30 a.m.
Subject: PEST ALERT!!!!

Hello all,

I hope you all are enjoying Good Friday. I found spotted wing drosophila (SWD) in Beaufort County today. If you have strawberries you need scout your fields now. The grower was throwing away 70-80% of red fruit. The adult lays an egg inside of the strawberry and the larvae develop inside the berry. The result is a berry with a soft spot. If you dig around into the soft spot with a knife or pen you can find clear/cream/white maggots. Check all of your red fruit. I have attached 4 pictures of the insect and its damage. The recommendations for management of this serious pest can be found here: http://www.smallfruits.org/SmallFruitsRegGuide/Guides/2016/2016SEStrawberryIPMGuide.pdf. Entrust is OMRI approved for organic growers. Please pass on to any berry growers you know. Thanks.
SWD Charleston 3.25.16 Clemson

Fig. 1 Typical soft spot…similar look to water soaking

Fig. 2 IMG_3596Fig. 2. Image 3596 female SWD and soft spot/area

Fig. 3 IMG_3645Fig. 3. Image 3645 two male SWD (note the two spots on the males wings)

Fig. 4 IMG_3670Fig. 4. Image 3670-larvae (maggot of the SWD)


Zack Snipes
Clemson Cooperative Extension Service
County Agent-Charleston & Beaufort Counties
Commercial Vegetables and Small Fruits

Resource mentioned by Zack:    2016 SE Strawberry IPM Guide

From the Guide, this is specific info on SWD management:

spray swdpart 2 swd