What Growers Are Saying This Early Morning About Need for Strawberry Advisory? (Dec. 29, 2015)

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Growers  are responding to last evening’s custom weather forecast and question posed about the need for an advisory service this next year? Let me hear from you BEFORE January 5th, if you wish to see this service continued?

My email:  strawberrydoc@gmail.com

Original message:  https://strawberries.ces.ncsu.edu/2015/12/custom-forecast-discussion-for-va-tn-nc-sc-december-28-2015/

North Carolina

  • “I would be interested in weather forecast for the coming strawberry year.I find your forecast to be a good tool for managing strawberries.Will SkyBit be available this year? Please let me know the cost if you are willing [and your WIFE is willing for you to do it] . Have a Happy New Year.”    Scot Luton   Roper,NC
  • “I’m interested.”
    Craven Smith
  • Sent from my iPhoneGood morning ,     I would most definitely like to see the advisories back in 2016 this is a very helpful tool that I pay close attention to as well as all the other information you provide.Thanks
    Jerry Robinson
  • “We had not given any thought to NOT having your weather analysis expertise. So, the answer to your question is YES!”Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Allan Baucom

South Carolina

  • Sent from my iPhone:  I would be interested in your advisories continuing.bob hall


  • “Barclay,
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
    Sign me up! And we can make a small donation to help this happen. I always benefit from your strawberry wisdom!”  Ben Miller


Rochelle GA on Dec 29Fig. 1. A grower in Rochelle, Ga, sent this photo of his very advanced crop! He said, “warm weather has us with ripe berries.”

“Hi Barclay. Happy New Year. I like the weather reports and am in favor of their continuance. Thanks Barclay!”

Joe Burns


  • Barclay,I hope you and your family had a great Christmas and I hope you know you can count me in! I also hope your health is continuing to improve….missed seeing you in NC!It sounds like my response has a lot of HOPE in it!!Happy New Year!
    Danny Van Meter


  • Mr. Barclay my name is Michael Bowen and I run a boys home in Calhoun TN. We are growing strawberries for a project. I would like to keep getting the advisory. Please let me know how much of a contribution you need to continue. Thanks for all your help.
  • Hi Barclay,I guess it’s hard to retire during a period of serious climate change! I definitely would appreciate your expert advice on how to handle this unusual season! My biggest concern is botrytis crown rot once these flowers in the crown all freeze. We are organic, so don’t use a lot of the sprays most growers use.I hope your wife is understanding! Thanks again for all you have done for strawberry growers over the years!Happy New Year!John Dysinger
    Bountiful Blessings Farm
    Williamsport, TN