Views From the Field

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The video series “Views from the Field” interviews three different strawberry growers in North Carolina who have experience using soil management practices like crop rotation, cover crops and compost to improve soil health. The three growers were asked to talk about what specific combination of practices they use, how these practices fit into their production calendar and what benefits they have seen from using these types of practices. The goal of these videos is to help show other strawberry growers in the Southeast that these types of practices can be easily and successfully incorporated into many types of production systems as demonstrated by the both conventional and organic growers who share their experiences in the videos.

These interviews were conducted as a part of a research and extension education project at North Carolina State University that was funded by a grant from the Walmart Foundation and administered by the University Of Arkansas System Division Of Agriculture Center for Agricultural and Rural Sustainability.

This project is headed by Dr. Michelle Schroeder-Moreno, Dr. Gina Fernandez, Dr. Yasmin Cardoza, Dr. Hannah Burrack and Amanda McWhirt. The goal of this project is to evaluate the use of compost, summer cover crops and inoculation of strawberry plugs with beneficial soil microbes as practices for use in southeastern strawberry production. These practices are being evaluated for their impact on both yield and soil health in both conventionally fumigated and non-fumigated plasticulture production. Final results from the research project will be presented in the fall of 2015.

In the meantime check out what these regional growers have to say about their personal experiences with and reasons for using these soil health promoting practices!