Virginia Strawberry Assn. Makes Appeal for Support (1/3/15)

— Written By Barclay Poling

The public Strawberry Weather Advisory service, coordinated by retired North Carolina Strawberry Extension Specialist Barclay Poling, needs your support in order to continue. Funding cuts at Land Grant colleges nation-wide mean that, more and more, it is up to us, the growers who benefit from them, to step up and help to provide the funding necessary to provide valuable services such as this.
About $5000 is still needed to reach the $10,000 goal that will insure that the Strawberry Weather Advisory service continues as a “public” service. Our Virginia Strawberry Association ($500) and six Virginia growers contributed last year. VSA will be contributing again this year. Will you??? If you gave last year, please consider joining me and renewing your pledge for the 2015 season. If you did not contribute in 2014, well, your support is needed more than ever this year!
Please e-mail Dr. Poling today at or and tell him how much you will pledge. The deadline for pledges is Friday, January 9. Individual grower pledges to-date are mostly between $100 and $400, depending on the size of their strawberry business.
Don’t send money now! If the pledge campaign reaches the $10,000 goal, Dr. Poling will send information regarding where and how to send your contribution.
If the goal is not reached and the public Strawberry Weather Advisory is discontinued, it will be up to each of us either “wing it” or to individually subscribe to weather advisories provided by private weather services and/or consultants. I’ve been there and done that. Believe me, it costs much less to support the public service! Please help!

Tom Baker

Treasurer, VSA

January 3, 2015