Change in Focus – an Update on the NC Strawberry Association Campaign (6pm, May 6, 2014)

— Written By NC State Extension

An Update on the NC Strawberry Association Campaign

We want to act in the best interest of the industry. Based upon feedback from numerous farmers and seeing the extremely high yields, we implemented a media campaign that was designed to help growers, known as the Short & Sweet Strawberry Share Campaign. We have heard some great success stories from the past weekend of folks using this idea and the Facebook impact. We have heard some complaints.

The NCSA focus from today forward is to provide information to the news media about the N.C. Strawberry crop. If we are asked about the campaign by the media, we will address it but it will not be the focus of media efforts in the coming days.

In addition, another way to get the word out is through your own social media channels such as Facebook. Your Facebook pages are a great way to raise awareness about berries in the field at your you-pick operations. To help you, we have created a  few pages of Facebook messages that you can simply cut and paste (one at a time!) on your Facebook page. Pick and choose the ones you like. Note: the beginning of the information is about the “Short & Sweet Strawberry Share 2014” campaign. The end of the information contains posts that are generic and can be used whether or not you are participating. They are designed to raise awareness and many of them are designed to educate consumers on the health value of strawberries. You control the message on your own media channel!

Important information: consumers can participate in the “Short & Sweet” program even if farmers don’t. They simply pick berries, provide to someone in need, post the info on the NC Strawberry Association Facebook page and they have a chance to win $500.”

Here is a revised press release:Media Advisory,crop focus

Thank you!

Dr. E. Barclay Poling
Interim Executive Director, NC Strawberry Association Inc.
& Professor Emeritus (Strawberry Plasticulture Researcher)
Department of Horticultural Science
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