New Year’s Day Weather Outlook (Jan. 1, 2014)

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Dear Growers, Agents, Agronomists and Others,

I was just noticing yesterday how my SkyBit forecast for Clayton Central Crops had changed from the day before (Dec 30), and we are now anticipating slightly lower temperatures Friday night/Saturday morning.  We will also have light rain tomorrow (Thur). But, Friday will be mostly clear in this region.  Down at the Cunningham Research Station in Kinston, we are going to try to get my research plots covered with a 1.2 oz row cover on Friday – we want to be on the safe side of things.  The row cover will be removed at Kinston around Jan. 9/10, as temperatures will be warming up once again by that time.  We are fortunate that the covers are under a shed at this time, and dry!

Canopy Min Air T Min Precip (in)
SkyBit Jan 1 (Today) 29 33 0.03
Clayton Jan 2 (Thur) 40 41 0.53
Jan 3(Fri) 23 26 0
Jan 4 (Sat) 16 18 0
Jan 5 (Sun) 31 33 0.06
Jan 6 (Mon) 36 38 0.09
Jan 7 (Tue) 24 26 0

Here is the AWIS Minimum Temperature Map for NC this Saturday as well as the latest 7-day minimum temperature forecast for cities and towns across the state:


NOTE : LIGHT GREEN = 14-16 F; OLIVE = 16-18 F; YELLOW = 18-20 F

  • In Burlington, NC, for example, it will possibly be as cold as 16 F (air temp) on Saturday morning, and here is one that caught my attention, Hamlet (in Sandhills) will be 17 F.  Up in Louisburg it could drop to 14 F.  Next Monday night and Tuesday morning will also be quite cold (low 20s) in many piedmont areas, but this Friday night/Saturday will be our coldest period with temperatures across the piedmont and even into the CP dropping into the upper teens.

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Posted on Jan 1, 2014
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